Brian Feister

Technical Services Consultant

With a long-standing passion for product development, Brian is most excited when he is given permission to experiment, tweak, and build a complete experience that delights users.  He found his place on the Scala development team as a JavaScript and Front-end Engineer with a strong background in User Interface & User Experience Design.  A lover of open source software, Brian gives back to the open source community by helping solve problems and make improvements to the software that helps him get his job done efficiently and on time.  

Brian: “My recipe for successful software is a mix of workflow automation, optimization, and obsessive attention to detail when it comes to architectural scalability and modularity.”

Having built so many products from the ground up, and rescued so many others from poor user experience, Brian is thrilled to be part of the team working hard to make Enterprise Content Manager the best version of itself, one that will put a smile on users faces.